Owned Art vol.05
Yuri Hasegawa


Yuri Hasegawa
See the art for yourself, and if that’s you want to own, buy it.

When did you first start thinking of "owning" a piece of art?

The first time I wanted to own one was when I was 18 or 19. I found out about Richter and Ed Ruscha around that time. I really liked them that had influenced my own work. They are still very special to me that every time I see their work they make me want to own one even though I can hardly afford it. The first piece I purchased was a print by an artist named EKKO. I was drawn to her unique fantasy worldview as well as the warmth of her printmaking method.

What made you want to purchase a piece of art?

Usually, If a quick look at a piece makes me want to possess, then I would buy it. I can't afford to buy expensive works of course, but if they are my friend’s work and I can afford, I would purchase with no hesitation. Also, I try to see the works with my own eyes before I buy it.

Thoma Kong Work Thoma Kong Work

Thoma Kong__Artist living in Chicago. Convenience store owner. He’s been creating small collages using candy boxes, cigarette boxes, magazines, newspapers and cardboard since the age of 60. Bought when his work was exhibited in Utrecht.

How do you enjoy the art you own?

In my case, I don't have a particular preference of where to display them but rather enjoy it with how I feel, by changing the layout from time to time. When I remember about those that I don’t display now, I end up putting them back again, but I sometimes take them out to have a look.

Do you think there’s a difference between seeing an exhibition or art in real life and online?

I think there is a big difference. For example, if it's a paint work, you can't feel the texture and touch of the paint unless you see it in real life. I think you can't get a sense of the whole picture of an installation work unless you actually see them there as well.
That said, it is great to be able to see works that you can’t see in real life online at any time, and I think you can also get inspired and impacted by them online.

What kind of artwork would you like to own in the future?

I really like works with humor and dark comedy. I think humor is very important to us. I would like to make and own such works. I would also like to collect some photography works later on. I am not sure yet, but if I happen to find an art that makes me go “this is it!” at an exhibition or elsewhere, I would like to purchase the one.


WHAM__Artist who records artificial flowers and flower arrangements in the city. This piece is with artificial flowers in a plastic bottle container. Something makes you feel nostalgic. It’s in the bathroom.

It's important to try to get to know the work, but since it's in your own home, it’s good enough with something that makes you say “it’s good.”

What does “Owned Art (the art you own)” mean to you?

They are something that’s always around and make me giggle, or simply something that I find lovely. Kagami's works for example, every time I see it I simply say “it’s good”. It is a good enough reason in my case. It's important to think about the work and try to understand it, but since it's in your home, that “it’s good” feeling is enough for me.

Do you have any advice for people considering buying art?

Whatever it is, I think it's definitely a good idea to buy one that makes you go “this is it!” You’d probably buy it anyways after a long consideration, and once you are finally ready but the work is sold, it is a pretty disappointing tragedy that you can’t get over with for a while...

Ken Kagami Work

Ken Kagami__Contemporary artist. Participated in many domestic and international exhibitions. Owner of Strange Store in Daikanyama, Tokyo. This work represents the essence of haiku. It is in the entrance hallway, and every time I come home, I always think about what haiku and tanka are. It is written on corrugated paper, which is also a matching factor to the simplicity of haiku.

Yuri Hasegawa(Artist)

Born in 1978 in Mie, Japan. In recent years, she has been based in Tokyo, where she has been creating and exhibiting stuffed toys.
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Yuri Hasegawa(Artist)